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  • Wednesday ,28 March 2012

'Cultural Constitution Movement' slams Egypt constituent assembly


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Wednesday ,28 March 2012

'Cultural Constitution Movement' slams Egypt constituent assembly

 The Cultural Constitution Movement has announced Monday it is joining the Constitution for all Egyptians Front, a newly formed coalition of revolutionary and political groups campaigning for a fair and representative constitution.

The coalition, which was announced last week, opposes the process of electing members to the constituent assembly, which sees 50 per cent of the figures chosen from the Islamist-dominated parliament and 50 per cent chosen from non-parliamentarians.  
The recently established Cultural Constitution Movement is headed by a Secretariat that includes the poet Mohamed Boghdady, the visual artist Ezzedine Naguin, the critic Hamdy El-Gazzar and the activist Medhat Safwat.
The Movement aims to write four chapters of the constitution relating to culture, under the titles: the identity, creative freedoms, the cultural institutions and the role of the Intellectual.      
Members from the cultural movement will join the coalition's protest Tuesday morning in front of the State Council, the legal body tasked with deciding disputes related to the exercise of state power. All groups will demonstrate against the recently formed constituent assembly.
Artists have organised a number of protests at parliament in recent weeks to pressure the Islamist-dominated body not to curb freedom of expression in the arts.