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  • Friday ,16 March 2012

Brotherhood when working in the light

Ahmed Sobh

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Friday ,16 March 2012

Brotherhood when working in the light

 I do not know why the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) insists on washing their hands of recently releasing the Americans accused in the foreign funding crisis, after American government announced their role and thanked both the MB and the ruling military council of Egypt!

At the same time many people are still insisting on making of their MB leaders or other Islamic movements, references in religion, as if they know more than other Muslims about Islam and faith! Truth should be valued, whether in religion or politics. I know politics are subject to adjustments and it is based on deception, while religions are holy and should take their supreme position.
No one can deny that MB has offered sacrifices for many decades, and has political, economic and social talents which are not so bad, but there are two facts to be considered about the mentioned crisis:
First, American government is the one who had revealed this funding with full transparency, as they have announced the names of organizations and how much money they had received, so they wouldn’t lie, I do not think that a man like John McCain will destroy his political career with such lie about the MB. The man had met with some outstanding leaders of the group, before releasing the Americans involved in the foreign funding crisis, and then he thanked the group and the ruling military council in Egypt upon returning to America.
Second, such groups of political Islam used to work in secret under the former regime, and this is understandable, especially upon persecuted by the security, and thus Islamic groups are well accustomed to hide the truth, which weaken their ability to be criticized and improve. Working in such darkness prevented them from being exposed to sunlight and cleaning them of many shameful behaviors, where they can widen their circle of participation and keep going. Working in dark rooms makes the participants suffer a lot of concerns, fears, frustration, worrying about psychological or physical harassments, or even imprisonment, torture or losing a job. The same way we used to think under the previous authoritarian regime which has abandoned us hopefully forever.
Egypt after the revolution requires working in public, as we are not ruled by a dictator any more, but Islamists, so why should we live with overthrown notions? 
To Islamists I say, this will not help you become any more popular, you need to have self-confidence before the masses, not exposing them to further despair, suspicion and hypocrisy, adopting the conspiracy theory that acts like courage, heroism and loyalty become a subject of questioning and doubt, which leads to frustration and many negative reactions which kill ambition. This could suit the old regime, but doesn’t suit the new situation.
Now is the time to work openly and honestly after the revolution, not like before when Egypt was prevented from food and sun like Arctic animal that hibernates, so his blood kind of freezes and heart beats become so slow, therefore, it can live without food. Their way was somehow accepted in the past as kind of adaptation. Now we have a revolution and the sun is shining back on everyone after Mubarak’s regime has gone. People will accept nothing but transparency. You could have said, “we were under pressure, and if we haven’t taken such action, so and so would have happened” People would have taken into consideration issues of national security.
Why do we insist on dealing with people the same way of the former regime? We were lucky when an MP of Al-Nour party made a big lie, that he had been attacked and stolen, which urged him to perform a plastic surgery after this incident. In fact, there was no attack and he underwent this surgery willingly!
The party did well by forcing him to resign of the party, fair enough!
Are we still working in Egypt as underground groups used to work? I am confident that transparency in Egypt will be appreciated as everybody learns, but we should know that revolutions are like fresh flowers, need light to keep their beauty.
I still remember upon the Iranian revolution, long time ago, when they detained American hostages at the American Embassy in Tehran, which toppled President Carter upon failing to save them. Today we bow to aids from the Gulf, under American pressure, 
We can’t say but yes to America, while Iran stands alone before it and the west!
Where is the solution? Is it in mocking your people, or evading your responsibility? No, It is in your credibility.
In the Hadith: "God neither look at nor loves a liar king. A painful punishment waits for him" I hope I am wrong at my judgment of the Islamists, but all evidence assures that we are still suffering from systems of the past and underground working.
I can’t forget here to condemn the organized campaign against patriotic figures aiming at destroying them. Such as Dr. Mohammed Al-Baradei, who had the greatest impact in the success of our blessed revolution, and had the greatest impact in changing the Western view of the Islamists, and the need to deal with instead of fearing or persecuting them as the former regime used to. If Yemen or Syria had somebody like Al-Baradei, a lot of things would have changed, and now he is being called as traitor! Instead of having runner cultures where Islamists call the liberals as traitors and liberals describe Islamists as people coming out of the ark, we should seek cultures that complete each other and not contradict. Unjustified campaign on the late writer Naguib Mahfouz, who won Nobel Prize in literature, had led to an attempt of assassination in 1994, and today they want to assassinate his work. Why are we always stand against success? Who benefits from the demolition of such international figures that win the highest international awards? Even odder than that, a fierce campaign against the Nobel winner, Dr. Ahmed Zewail! Don’t you even fear God or love this country? I hope that he who can’t build, not to spend his time destroying!
I know a friend who stood up against injustice and oppression, suffered in Mubarak’s prisons, and released a book under the former regime on torturing named "The capital of Hell" He was arrested with me at the same case, because of this book and the idea of judging Hosni Mubarak publically in 2007. Today, his ideas are being stolen and his history is being assassinated by some beneficiaries. He is still performing his national role, despite these obstacles. He is one of those honorable patriots which the remains of the former regime are trying to destroy as they were an elixir for the Egyptian Revolution. But I tell you; such cowards who want to destroy Egypt and belong to the former regime won’t achieve their dirty goals. I just pray that Egypt will enjoy transparency, clarity and justice. Amen.