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  • Friday ,09 March 2012


J.M Fahmy

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Friday ,09 March 2012


I'm Not a Politician Never Believed in them
Since my early youth I learnt one thing NO Politician can be trusted...

My life was scattered between Egypt, my beloved country Greece my mother's country, France, Antigua -a small small Island nowhere in the Atlas but exists- the States and finally UK. In each and every country I saw elections, parliamentarians, presidents, governors you name it...with all and each elections new hope was there old fighters defended their sits by all means, newcomers won, policies changed new faces, new promises....
Since the famous 99,999....% [yes] of Jamal Abdu El Nasser, to the 96,xyz% of Hosni Mubarak last elections 2004 if I recall well and all what come in between in different countries, Francois Mitterrand, Jack Chirac...or Vere Bird in Antigua and all USA presidents from Nixon to G.W. Bush and Obama come with great great hopes who left office with great great disappointments and greater disasters like the Vietnam War, or Taliban/Afghanistan/ Iraq war...
Were only those USA presidents who brought disaster around in our world? Definitely there were other leaders who for a chair in power brought lots of miseries Peron was one of them, Ahmedi Nagad was another example who remained in power by operation of opposition voices, and recently we saw Muammar Gaddafi and still see Bashar and other rulers who praise their sit more than the people that gave them that sit.
So sad people never learn from history or other peoples’ mistakes they want to commit their proper mistakes to reach same results if not worst! They all forget that the end of each and every one of us is one and the same, no one will take with him a sit, a factory, a palace or castle, we  will all end in one same  way but will have different ending paths! What I’ve learned over the years about politicians was one unique principal governs them the common interest for them FIRST and above all then their friends, then their supporters if possible,  and finally at the very end their country!! All those wars since WWII not to count the ones before proved one thing no one cares how you live who will fight or who will win only personal interests moves armies people artillery  and very little wins out of the designed winners. A banned book until recent times [War is a Racquet]   by an ex-colonel in WWII written right after that war while events where fresh in his mind he said it blot and clear it is not on a president who sits in an air-conditioned office away from all dangers of a war to declare a war, but on those who will actually fight in the mud of rainy grounds hide on the stinky holes from bombardments like rats, get burnt in an exploded airplane or lose an eye, hand or leg from a direct hit or a bomb let aside those who would die as their death liberated them from life after war missing a part or an organ or having to pay for all what was consumed in that war, and all means ALL, that is clothes for the solders, their daily food and allowances their salaries or any other expenses an army requires, before thinking of the armories and weapons, the defensive and offensive artilleries that is air force, naval force and ground force from Tanks, Rockets, ammunitions all that and more is paid in full and in advance –WAR BUDGET- that affects forever and the rest of  our lives all of us directly or indirectly the cost of living following any war is directly involved and we all accept it as a result of this or that war. If you are not a part of that conflict, sooner or later you will be importing parts merchandises or goods from them and their prices had gone up to cover their daily life! You still involved in that conflict like it or not, and that is what the world start realizing and humanitarian causes spread side to side with war factories and weapon merchants who are there to stay and shape the world’s policy in a very invisible manner they collected your money and want to keep collecting it to stay alive they advertize and support new candidates and put them in power, had you ever heard of a Phantom Plains factory advertizing for its new 4 mach speed plain? No the publicity and advertising budget is channeled to get supporting candidates…Why the states was among the first countries to meet with Muslim Brotherhood representatives? It’s a candidate to rule Egypt, either in fair elections or by cheating and faking results –it is not the problem of other countries- how the ruler, politician reached his chair, the most important is how to benefit from its existence, the people who welcomed Muammar Gaddafi few years back when he renounced nuclear researches and donated what they already had are the very same who supported the revolutionist and financed them and helped them capture him!! No principals for any politician and the best example is the religious candidate who wants a religious country from Egypt, that candidate contradicted already his religious principles that wants to enforce in Egypt once president, he cannot see the 2 extremes between religion and politics that is politics is faking reality being hypocrite which any religion denounce but no problem still, he can still full poor ignorant people who think if they say [NO] they will be unfaithful to their own religion; will be like if they converted and deserve death penalty mentioned in the Koran who converts from any religion to Islam welcome but it is a one way rout, you cannot re-convert to any other religion or even become atheist, you simply deserve to be stoned to death. And this was a major fight for pope Shenouda the pope of Coptic Egyptian Church who fought to change the law –from the SHARIA- that penalized any Christian who converted to Islam then realized he was mislead and wanted to re-convert back to his original religion Christianity, as per the Egyptian law then he deserved death penalty, that the pope fought and won this battle with the grace of God.
Egyptians can you trust the future of this country in the hands of people who want to impose Niqab and never proposed a simple route out of poverty, ignorance, and unemployment? No way they will never take you out of it and those elements were the major factor that helped them seize the chair