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  • Thursday ,08 March 2012

Amr Moussa: Islamists being in power will be reflected in the new Constitution

By-Michael Faris

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Thursday ,08 March 2012

Amr Moussa: Islamists being in power will be reflected in the new Constitution

 Amr Moussa, a potential candidate for the presidency described the Islamists of Egypt being in power as "a reality that should be dealt with during the drafting of the new Constitution", pointing out to some debatable issues, including the issue of applying the Islamic law as the main source of legislation. Moussa added that after the revolution, several parameters in Egyptian political life should be taken into consideration, including the popularity of Islamism and Arab-Islamic identity of the nation. Discussions will be held about how to draft the new constitution" This came during Moussa’s second visit to the province of al-Sharkia, this morning, as he visited the city of al-Salehia  the new, and held a public meeting hosted by master Omar al-Mukhtar  Semaida, head of Egyptian Arab Union Party. Moussa talked about the need to find a fair and quick solution for the Palestinian problem, and that no peace without the establishment of a Palestinian state. He also refused the say that internal and external forces want Egypt to adopt the Turkish model in terms of the influence of the military; because he prefers Egypt to have a special experience. Moussa set his priorities when he becomes the president to: maintain human rights and freedom, to support state institutions, law enforcement, and the judiciary independence, which must be prescribed by the Constitution clearly, and the elimination of corruption and discrimination between the Egyptians. 

Moussa said it’s very important that the Committee to draft the Constitution should include all elements of the society: men, women, Copts, Nubians, liberals, Islamists and others. Egyptians at this historic moment should accept democracy and dialogue. Moussa talked about the issue of discrimination against women and Copts in political life, noting that he is confident that solving such issues is possible, as an agreement and understanding between the Pope and Sheikh al-Azhar on these issues already exists. He stressed on the need to revive agriculture, for the profit of farmers and earning enough income for farmers across the country