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  • Tuesday ,06 March 2012

Awa, go out!

B-Monir Beshai

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Tuesday ,06 March 2012

Awa, go out!

 When youth protests started in January 25th, 2011, it was aiming at improving the conditions of the Egyptians with its slogan "Bread... Freedom… Social Justice… Human Dignity". Soon, the protestors discovered that it was impossible to achieve such demands in the presence of the former corrupted regime. So, they demanded the change of the system and the main slogan became "Everyone wants to overthrow the regime”. Sit-ins succeeded in overthrowing President Mubarak in February 11th, 2012, passing the authority to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, which wasn’t better than its predecessor, and then voices started calling for the Supreme Council to hand the power over. With the slogan, "Down  ... Down... Military rule"

Again, the Supreme Council responded to the demands of the protestors and announced dates for elections of a civilian president in June 2012, at most, to let the people choose whoever they want be the president, and thus the role of the military command comes to an end as they return to their barracks.
However, I have a doubt that any coming president will be able to achieve a quick fix to the bad conditions of the country. Therefore, I expect the next president to face the dissatisfaction of the angry crowds that can’t wait any more.
There is a long list of people look forward to sit on the (mobile) presidential chair. Unfortunately, qualified people for the job do not want to have it, either because they realize how much burden is associated with such a job, or because they are afraid of getting harmed if they enter such battle. On the other hand there are people who are not qualified for the job; however they want it and may succeed in the elections because of their popularity.
The potential candidates for the presidency, D. Muhammad Salim Al-Awa, who previously served as secretary-general of the International Association of Muslim Scholars, a character emerged recently in the Egyptian media for launching controversial announcements. American Gallup Centre made an opinion poll showed that Awa occupies the second place after Amr Moussa in the list of candidates for the post. However I think that if Awa succeeds to reach that seat, demonstrations will return to Tahrir Square asking him to leave. Therefore, to save some time, I want the demonstrators to be prepared from that very moment to organize themselves and practice chants against him. And as a contribution in this national effort, I suggest a slogan that can be used, which is "Out... Out, Awa, Go out!". In fact, I didn’t invent it, since many Egyptians had used it against Awa in several places in the world.
In a colloquium, held in Faculty of Economics, University of London, to talk about Awa and his election platform, Egyptians shouted against him and against the military council. Azza Ahmed Zaki, Egyptian political activist in London said to Awa, "What kind of man or believer who defends the military while the girls are sexually harassed by them" she continued, "We will not sit down with you in one place” and every one started to shout, "Out... Out, Awa, Go out!"
In the city of El-Mahalla al-Kubra a number of members of “The coalition of revolution youth” and “April 6th Movement” attacked him and chanted slogans against him such as “Go out Awa.. Emancipated is Mahala", and "Down all the military dogs" and " To Muslim Brotherhood.. To military he belongs.. Awa has no place amongst us". This was referring that Awa supports the ruling military council and to his suspicious relationship with Muslim Brotherhood group.
In addition to this, I will never forget as a Coptic his famous shameful situations against the Copts which are recorded such as his remarks on September 15th, 2010 in Al-Jazeera’s program: "Without Borders" with the Muslim Brotherhood interviewer Ahmed Mansour, when he said:
• Churches and monasteries are storages for weapons, which are intended to be used against Muslims by Christians.
• Wafaa Constantine is a Muslim; but church had forced the State to return her against her will and was locked in a prison attached to a monastery.
• The Church is an empire within the State that does whatever she wants independently.
• Egyptian Copts are 4% of the total population that control 40% of the wealth of Egypt. 
These statements are such lies motivated by hatred and launched by Awa aiming at incitement against the vulnerable Coptic minority by groups dominated by intolerance, which move like a herd ,without thinking, by a gesture from whom they believe to be scientists to swoop on their prey. It is very strange that Awa comes now to us trying to draw closer to the Copts to win their voices, denying what is recorded by video and audio as if we have some kind of memory loss disease!!.
It is not surprising that after these statements, there have been several bloody attacks against Copts , for instance:
• In January 1st, 2011 was the bombing of the Saints Church in Alexandria, which caused the deaths of 24 Copts and hundreds of wounded people.
• In February 2011, the church of Atfih in Helwan was demolished, and many houses of Copts were burned as well as looting their property
• in May 2011, church of Imbaba in Giza was burned as well as burning and looting more than twenty houses and shops owned by Copts
• In September 30, 2011, St. George Church in Almarenab was burned, in addition to burning and looting for five shops owned by Copts.
• In October 9, 2011 more than forty Copts were killed in Maspero and three hundred injured after military armored vehicles had run over them during a peaceful demonstration. 
So I understand very well and I support those who tried to expel Awa outside Egypt, as happened in London, and also in El-Mahalla al-Kubra. If the Egyptians do not accept the presence of Awa , is it reasonable to accept his presence inside the Republican palace as a president? Can we allow the wolf to take care of the lambs?