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  • Thursday ,01 March 2012

Which kind of future awaits for you Egypt?

Ezzat Boulos

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Thursday ,01 March 2012

Which kind of future awaits for you Egypt?
Laws of nature and the theories of natural selection are seems to be applied only in the developed part of the world, where it works just smoothly as sea waves. But it is not the case in Arabic and Islamic world, as the rules are different. Slow waves of civilization in Arabic and Islamic countries are opposed by storming ones of retardation which attack the fields of politics and media. It pushes toward retardation that it may take over the progressive thought by dumping it completely in Salafism and blasphemy charges, which impedes true development of thoughts to happen to the community that turns out to be against the idea of national belonging, and thus produces a unilateral fascist ideology.
January 25, 2011 is the Egyptian day, that emerged the promise of progressive thought of civilization, but those omens did not last long before the hurricanes of religious movements of Wahhabism in its various forms, which bear within its notion everything linked to “retardation viruses”, such as taking pride in the flimsy glory of the past that doesn’t match the spirit of the time. Having said that, and accordingly, no wonder of intentional killing, which happened to the youth of Egyptian revolution, after the activities of the "lucky group" (Meaning the Muslim Brotherhood which was previously prohibited and they made the most out of the revolution) has started and its fellows of different Islamic jihadist organizations along with the conspirators to set their seats of people’s assembly on the blood of young Egyptians who called for change and paid for it, to bring out a Council that conveys Egypt from a dictatorship of the individual to the dictatorship of the group, to begin a new political era of Egypt which has nothing new but the followers of the Islamic branch of the National Party, "Groups lived in ground burrows before" carrying agendas its reference is known for all, and recently announced clearly by Mohammed Badie, the general guide or the leader of the “lucky group” when he said promising that realizing the dream of the group founder, Sheikh Hassan Al-Banna in the formation of the state of the caliphate, has become so near. "Oh my God!" says every Egyptian who loves his own country upon hearing what is predicted and preached by the prince and leader of the “Lucky group”, especially that this declaration carries a scary notion: the assassination of our Egyptian identity. Ignorant people crying on the past glories hoping in the current historical moment to turn the time wheel back, shouting without realizing the famous phrase that says "History repeats itself", a phrase is used wrongly to compare the events occurred in the past and the similar ones in the present, without realizing or taking into consideration that each historical incident has its own circumstances and details which differ entirely from our current situation. "History repeats itself," If it has been true in this way, time would have stopped at a fixed point and return to it again and again, and then spinning in a vicious circle of endless retardation in different forms. If not, why there are similar events, and perhaps repeated ones? The answer: that it is not because history repeats itself, but because people don’t often learn from the past, and the determination to proceed in a way its failure is proven, or even proved to be successful in different circumstances from those of the present. 

Followers of the religious movements of all forms in Egypt insist on bringing us back in time thousands of years ago. They are trying to oblige time to reproduce events of the past which cannot be re-applied today in any way, under an illusory idea says: “From the point of returning, begins the progress” Not taking into consideration that what’s applied in an uncivilized society cannot be applied in another civilized one. As the first is controlled by the mentality of religious metaphysics, which controls the Egyptian minds right now. Western civilized nations, led by America and Israel, are racing to provide all support to encourage the growth of such approach and the destructive ideas to Egypt and its identity, enjoying the status of political stupidity that guarantees them the sovereignty of peoples who are compelled to such situation, offended by their leaders and some amateurs of politics. Each group is trying to make the most, approaching the new extreme movements which are falling like fire from the sky on the land of Egypt.

Represented by media that’s infected by policies of successive governments since 1952 till the present, Media is flagged by hypocrisy, flattery and subservience, struggling to gain the trust of whoever in power, whether it is the military Council with its current leaders or the previous military leaders who have contributed to increase the poverty and retardation of the Egyptian people. Of course such media does not forget the affection of the members of the esteemed council of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Salafis and others, without taking into consideration the principles of the “Charter of Duties of Journalists” that they swore to respect its principles, indifferent to the extent of their negative impact when passing it through television, newspapers or websites, in spreading a corrupted political awareness and developing incorrect public opinion. But despite all what has happened and what will happen, I can say that time is not late to correct the path of the revolution which began in a sound way but deviated from the correct way, and this comes only through an honest media and a healthy President for Egypt who doesn’t suffer from Arab nationalism diseases to put the civil constitution which does not set the absolute as an obstacle before progressive human thought, principles stems from the universal human rights, taking into account women rights and equality between men and women in all fields, as well as a compromised constitution that preserves the rights of religious minorities and ethnic groups, and shall give the law real sovereignty that’s applied to everyone without distinction between rich and poor people, or between those in authority and those who are not. Egypt, with all its talents and civilization, can achieve miracles of will power.

Let’s take a look at Germans, Japanese, and Korean …etc. who were civilization seeking countries few decades ago, and now they are sources of science and technology. On the other hand, there is no need to look for examples of countries that drowned in the supernatural and were struck by the decay of civilization.