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  • Sunday ,15 May 2011

Try to have Kind Heart

By- Elham Said

Short But Not Sweet


Sunday ,15 May 2011

Try to have Kind Heart
Many Times we hear such kind of fighting between Muslim and Christian in Egypt.
I really wonder why these people don\'t live peacefully together no matter their personal believe.
come on to Ethiopia, which has  Muslim, Christian,Jewish and other more religions. But they never get fighting each other based on religion. a Religion must not be a criteria to get fight to each other, no matter a religion or believe someone has, they live peacefully and respect each others holiday or religion at a general.
but in Egypt, why all these people don't live together, why don\'t  they respect each others religion. i think these extremist Muslim should respect these Coptic so that they get respected too, otherwise they are going to be a symbol of Muslim and christian fighting on this world.
I hope these Egyptian people will have mind to respect each other no matter someone\'s religion.
Peace for the world and peace for Muslim and Christian on the Egypt land
which has  above 40% Christian and 33 % Muslims and the rest percent follow some other religions.
 as result we live