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  • Thursday ,03 February 2011

Egypt PM ready to talk to protesters


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Thursday ,03 February 2011

Egypt PM ready to talk to protesters

CAIRO - Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq said Thursday he was ready to go to Tahrir Square, the scene of massive anti-government demonstrations, to talk to protesters, the official MENA news agency said. 

   Shafiq asserted that he was ready to go to the square to make a dialogue with people from different sides.
     "Once more, I apologize for all the victims," Shafiq said, stressing "all the perpetrators who violated the law and killed or injured people in peaceful demonstrations will go through tough investigations."
      "I pledge to maintain the security of the people and bring them to normal life," the prime minister added.
     The demonstration is a civilized phenomenon as long as it doesn 't affect normal life, and we will continue our dialogue with the opposition party to reach political and economic reforms, added the prime minister.
     He said the minister of health was in Tahrir street for three hours to help the injured people from both sides after severe clashes erupted since late Wednesday.
     Five people have been killed and 836 injured in Tahrir Square clashes till Thursday, according to Egyptian Minister of Health Ahmed Sameh.
      About the Suez Canal, the prime minister asserted that the crises didn't affect navigation in the canal and it is in full capacity.