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  • Thursday ,03 February 2011

Egypt imposes travel ban on ex-ministers


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Thursday ,03 February 2011

Egypt imposes travel ban on ex-ministers

CAIRO - Egypt's public prosecutor issued a travel ban on some ministers from the former government and at least one former ruling party official, and froze their bank accounts, Egypt's official Middle East News Agency (MENA) said on Thursday.

The public prosecutor said those banned from travel were being investigated on suspicion of theft of public money, profiteering and fraud, among other accusations.

     The ministers are former interior minister Habib al-Adly, former housing minister Ahmed el-Maghrabi and former tourism minister Zuhair Garana. Former National Democratic Party member Ahmed Ezz was also among those banned from leaving the country.

     The statement said other officials were also under the ban which would last "until national security is restored and the authorities and monitoring bodies have undergone their investigations". 

     "Given the current circumstances, the public prosecution took these precautionary measures against those included in the decisions of the public prosecutor to protect the sanctity of public money and the interests of the country until investigations are finished," it said.

      Protesters had demanded al-Adly be sacked after police beat, teargassed and fired rubber bullets at demonstrators calling for the president to quit.