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  • Tuesday ,29 December 2020

In memory of Abadir

Ezzat Boulos

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Tuesday ,29 December 2020

In memory of Abadir

 Nearly ten years have passed since the departure of the founder and leader of the Copts United Website, Eng. Adly Abadir Youssef.  The fact that Abadir carried many of the attributes of his name, which is a Phoenician name for the supreme God, meaning "the mighty father," He was actually a mighty man who was able to raise the voice of those who had no voice due to intellectual and political corruption in Egypt during the Mubarak era.

What Abadir presented to Egypt during the last five years of his life from 2004 until his departure at the end of 2009, made him alive until now and will remain alive in the heart and thought of every person who believes in human e    quality, citizenship and dialogue. The man had a fight against tyranny, hatred, rejection, deliberate exclusion and other matters with negative and destructive consequences on the Egyptian society including both Muslims and Copts.
Abadir was not a god, but was as strong as one with heavenly powers. Yes, he suffered from severe illness as one old man, but he indeed had a young spirit and determination. He may have lost several rounds with his illness, but he has never lost his war against corruption and ignorance and fighting for freedom even though he was not able to reap the fruits of his seeds. He was forced to stay away from his own homeland, but this didn’t put any hatred in his heart towards Egypt. Instead, his vision was able to differentiate between a falling regime, and this is what happened in the January 2011 revolution, and the everlasting country of Egypt. He was falsely accused by supporters of Mubarak’s regime, but he didn’t take it personal even when he criticized this regime. Even his enemies testified that Abadir was a respectful man who has clear vision. He was a model for the fight for the sake of equality in Egypt, which was not accepted by everyone.
Money, fame and power may cause a person to lose mercy and not feeling about the suffering of the others, but Adly Abadir was exactly on the contrary. He used his money, fame and power to serve the poor, the powerless and the defeated. That is why the mighty Adly Abadir preferred to fight till the end. He looked to the future and established an online newspaper that served a special journalism of Coptic content for nearly 16 years. His foundation became first in the Coptic field. Shall his plant continue to live, or its enemies will celebrate its death soon? I wish enemies of Adly Abadir and his foundation will not win at the end!