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  • Tuesday ,01 December 2020

Salafist thought controls the government

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Tuesday ,01 December 2020

Salafist thought controls the government

 Social media proves its power day after another, just like retardation and fanaticism is deeply rooted in the minds of many Egyptian officials. A girl called Salma al-Shimi made a photo session at the ancient Saqqara area wearing Pharaonic clothes, which are the clothes of the ancient Pharaonic woman, Facebook turned from hardliners and Salafists to a major attack on the girl s clothes, to make officials open investigation in the case!

She published the photos on her Facebook account before Dr. Mohamed Youssef Ouyan, Director of the Saqqara Archaeological Zone, opened investigation  describing the filming as against Egyptian customs and traditions!
Did the pharaonic clothes become contrary to customs and traditions? is photographing in an antique area with Pharaonic clothes a crime? and what about the Pharaonic drawings of Pharaonic women that are painted on the wall of temples and museums and show the same dress of women? Are we controlled by the Salafist ideology that despises women and considers them genitalia!