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  • Tuesday ,24 November 2020

Reality has another opinion

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Tuesday ,24 November 2020

Reality has another opinion

 The debate on whether mixed marriage is permissible, especially between a Muslim woman and a Christian man. It is much greater than a pure relationship or attraction between a man and woman. The patriarchal perspective sees that a non-Christian is not entitled to have the honor of being above a Muslim woman (during sexual intercourse)!

The matter has a dangerous cultural dimension with a great difference between them in culture, the heritage reference and the value perspective for both of them in various walks of life including marriage, love, sex, values, relationships, upbringing, and life.
If the marriage between a Muslim and Christianity today has resulted in dire societal results, and most of it came after enforced disappearance of the Coptic women.
The fact that marriage between people of the same religion has achieved a tremendous failure in several cases, what much more can be achieved in cases of mixed marriages!
I blame our society for having many values against humanity ​​and civilization, and we are clearly the product of religious oppression that made us not ready for regular marriage, not to mention the mixed one.