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  • Friday ,13 November 2020

Trump is troubling America

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,14 November 2020

Trump is troubling America

President Trump is actually troubling American democracy by refusing to concede to Joe Biden. People were looking to the US as an example in democracy and transparency but it seems they are doubting this example in the moment. 

Trump is helping dictatorships around the world more than helping deomcratic countries as dictatorships are looking to the most historical democracy in the world and waiting to this moment that the US turns to be a dictatorship so they can say democracy is over around the world. 
Trump is not just hurting the democracy around the world but he ruins the values and the principles always associated with democracy such as fair elections, transparency, and good governing. 
In conclusion, the republican party has to convince Trump that he lost the election and he needs to concede. We always learned that the US is a country of institutions and the institution has to convince president Trump that he lost and needs to admit this reality.