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  • Friday ,13 November 2020

I loved "Rakhit"

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Friday ,13 November 2020

I loved

 At its door, you stumble on a cracked road, as if you are in a village that was never introduced to civilization, but how the city that its name is associated with the Rosetta Stone, which deciphered Egypt s history and resolved the symbols of its Pharaonic language Everything you see out there tells you that it holds secrets, and you see a wonder as you delve a little further on its streets. Here are simple boats adjacent to luxury yachts, and tombs on a luxurious hill contemplating the beauty of the Nile and its name "Kom Al-Afrah", which translated "Hell of Happiness"!

It is a country full of contradictions, even in its establishment on the west bank of the Nile, unlike all the ancient cities built by the pharaohs. It has many palm trees until it was called "the country of a million palm trees", and the Nile has strong ties with its people who worked in fishing for thousands of years.
The first to call it this name "Rakhit" was the Pharaonic King Mina when he visited it on his journey to unify Upper and Lower Egypt. Over thousands of years, its people presented glories recorded proudly in history, as they were able to defeat the Hyksos and the English invasion, and its people invented the guerrilla war to defend it valiantly. You feel that its people are soldiers who carry in their hearts a unique mixture of kindness, courage and pride.
 Yes, I fell in love with this town at first sight and wished to tell the world about this ancient Egyptian city that carries hidden greatness that many people do not realize, and it deserves a prominent tourist place among the greatest cities of the world with its antiquities, beauty and great history.