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  • Thursday ,12 November 2020

Trump is the President

by Jamal Rushdie

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Thursday ,12 November 2020

Trump is the President

 Everyone was led by the American Masonic media that announced Biden s success in the presidential elections. This fatal mistake is not a protocol, as some have portrayed, since the results were not yet announced and has not been recognized by the losing party.

Trump is not alone in that fight, but has many honest people within the American institutions supporting him. During the four years of his rule, he was able to purify many of those institutions and appoint a very large number of officials belonging to the American nationalism only. This came after he had multiple reports from many sources on how the elections were rigged.
A watermark has been placed on the ballot paper that the Democratic Party did not know about and many honorable people, who followed Trump, were installed inside the committees without declaring their identity. All evident were handed over to the Constitutional Court. This was a great plan by a man who was thought to be a clown.
We need to think about the declaration of Trump several months ago about a fraud to happen. Trump announced he won the elections and President Abudul Fattah al-Sisi was the first in the Middle East to congratulate him, at the time China was the first country to congratulate Biden.
Corona vaccine appeared after announcing Biden s success and the visit of the British intelligence minister to Egypt in a unique visit and Trump s dismissal of the defense minister and Israeli silence and its refusal to congratulate Biden raise many questions in that account.
I know that many people will not listen to the words of this post, but I ask everyone remember my words until January 20th. Now the water mark will expose the fraud of the elections. Let s wait and see what happenes next.