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  • Wednesday ,11 November 2020

For those who dream of a better society

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Wednesday ,11 November 2020

For those who dream of a better society

 It is known that with every sunrise the world provides us with new facts on its growing and changing reality. Many of which is enough to shape the features of a new world that imposes itself on us, or at least is able to change many of our concepts and perceptions about things that we see as constants.

The question here is: do we have a culture of effective confrontation and smooth and constructive interaction with such facts? Are we able to raise our cultural immunity at the collective level?
We should understand that we are facing a set of challenges and a world of multiple value and scientific concepts, and we must open up objectively and raise the slogan "Yes we can", without being subjected to stiffening the joints of the movement under the pretext of preserving identity, heritage, values and assets.
Only those countries that possess the cultural and intellectual immunity are capable of positive sorting and effective scientific dealing with new data, regardless of the degrees of difficulty arising from the disparities between the competing forces.
Without a social and cultural identity, people are cut off from their social and cultural environments, and without a clear definition of the other. They cannot determine their social and cultural identities, and the thinker “Burhan Ghaliun” points out that “a group or individual cannot accomplish a project of any type or size without knowing itself and determining its location, role and legitimacy of its existence as a distinct group. We need to first have a better understanding of ourselves.
Accordingly, I see that the current youth conferences have become one of the wonderful forms of confrontation that allow them to open up to the world of knowledge and the wonderful communication of our youth with the youth of the world and the exchange of visions and cultures. The participation of the youth of more than 100 countries in the World Youth Forum expresses the ability of the Egyptian state and the political leadership to contain and nurture youth. Their ideas, given the substantive weight of the forum s agenda, in addition to discussing issues that occupy public opinion, whether at the local or international level.
Yes, politics is the art of possible, but it is also the creativity of dreamers with better societies. This is because the politician is the one who offers a solution, and his role is not to present deferred problems in the form of solutions.