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  • Friday ,06 November 2020

Insulting the Cross in Egypt

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Friday ,06 November 2020

Insulting the Cross in Egypt

 This sad, abusive picture that represents the main character of the movie The Nun holding an upside down cross as if she is participating in the rituals of the Devil worshipers, was not taken in France that considers insulting religious symbols as freedom, nor in America the land of Halloween. Rather, it was taken in Egypt, which usually affirms its rejection of insulting religions and their symbols, and calls other countries to do the same!

In the city of Alexandria, the management of a store decided to celebrate Halloween in its American version several days ago by insulting the religious symbols of the Copts. This comes while Egyptian Christians are racing to declare their solidarity with their Muslim brothers against insulting their religion and religious symbols on the occasion of the publication of offensive cartoons in France.
I want to make it clear that celebrating Halloween has never been part of Egyptian culture, but all Egyptians know the cross as a religious symbol for Christians. Whether it was an unpleasant joke, a search for cheap fame, or even an attempt to repay an insult, the whole thing was a clear mistake that reflects bad thought and management. It may even grant a license to insulting religious symbols, in accordance with the principle of freedom of expression, which is exactly what French magazines do when mocking Christian and Islamic sanctities alike.