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  • Thursday ,05 November 2020

Personalities from the Bible

by Samia Ayyad

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Thursday ,05 November 2020

Personalities from the Bible

 There are several characters in the Holy Bible who were only human with special characteristics and traits that successive generations can learn from in order to acquire their virtues and walk in their successful ways.

His Holiness Pope Tawadros II, in his article "Professor, Student and Colleague," told us about three figures from the Bible who appeared at the beginning of the Christian Church in the first century, the first of which is Gamaliel who was a great teacher of the law in the Jewish history, and he was one of Professors of the Apostle Paul in the study of Jewish law. He was the first person from the Jews to demand the lifting of restrictions on the messengers of Christ and to stop their persecution assuring their work will only succeed if supported by God adding that resisting the will of God is evil. He was a scholar of law, and had the courage to declare his opinion and express himself, the courage characterized by wisdom and without haste or recklessness, which is a quality that every person needs to gain the respect of everyone and be honest with himself and not fall into the sins of recklessness and haste.
The second disciple, Saul of Tarsus or Paul the Apostle, who was known with jealousy and enthusiasm for his Judaism and persecuted Christians relentlessly and drove them mercilessly from Jerusalem and outside. He threw many of them into prison in increasing numbers., but God opened his heart before the love and mercy of Christ, so he transformed and changed, and Paul the Apostle gained new life and insight, and became one of the pillars of preaching the name of the Lord Jesus in the whole world. We learn from him that God wants everyone to be saved, for He accepts sinners and creates in them a new heart full of His love.
The third disciple: Barnabas, a classmate with Paul the Apostle, would have had the greatest merit in introducing the Apostle Paul to the rest of the disciples if he extended his hand to Paul to encourage him and include him among the disciples as they were suspicious of him. The second is for the Apostle Paul, when he insisted that Mark be given a second opportunity to encourage him at a time when Paul objected to accompanying him, Barnabas did not look at the person in terms of his past and his negatives, but rather how the grace and mercy of God could work and use man to be successful and effective, he did not look back. Let us learn from these personalities and renew our lives acquiring such beautiful qualities ...