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  • Wednesday ,04 November 2020

North Sinai and the path of the Holy Family

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Wednesday ,04 November 2020

North Sinai and the path of the Holy Family

 The North Sinai Governorate began developing the path of the Holy Family, in the Farma area, Balouza village, Bir al-Abd center, due to its historical importance as one of the Holy Family s passage points during its trip to Egypt.

The governorate participates in the national project to revive the path of the Holy Family, and its path is considered the longest route in one country, with a length of 3,500 kilometers, back and forth, in the journey that took 47 months.
This development comes with improving the efficiency of the infrastructure, paving the road leading to it, lighting it, planting it, connecting a line for fresh water to it, establishing guide panels and umbrellas for visitors to rest, improving the level of services, building a wall surrounding the archaeological sites, establishing a museum and a center for traditional crafts, including the work of embroidering the Bedouin dress and traditional carpet, the leaf products of palm fronds, the manufacture of pastries, drying of dates, sea snails, and olive oil products.
We have to mention here the Rafah Church, which was destroyed by terrorism, and should be rebuilt as a distinctive sign of the path of the Holy Family, and the entrance to the family on the eastern borders of Egypt. Greetings to those in charge of the project in all its stages, especially with regard to North Sinai Governorate, which has been subjected to injustice and neglect by previous regimes and has been targeted and manipulated by terrorists.