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  • Tuesday ,03 November 2020

Betrayal for the sake of God

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Tuesday ,03 November 2020

Betrayal for the sake of God
The common people repeat many slogans of political Islam in a superficial, emotional manner, unaware of the meanings. One of these slogans that the masses repeat without awareness of its results is “The nationality of a Muslim is his religion” and “whenever the name of God is mentioned in a country, it is considered part of the homeland”. Many of them introduces himself as a (Muslim born in Egypt), since  Egypt or any country is a land of religion. Many ordinary people proceed behind this saying, believing that this is just a romantic emotional affiliation closer to symbolism than to the truth on which positions and opinions are based. However, this inner feeling that does not cost its owner any effort is believed to be rewarded by God for it, even without any effort.
People didn t understand the former guide of the Muslim Brotherhood who said that he doesn t care about Egypt and that a Malaysian Muslim president to Egypt is more accepted than an Egyptian Christian. Such ideology doesn t care about country and its development rather than supporting the Islamic Caliphate.
Here, the meanings of great betrayal becomes uncertain, vague and unclear to the person. Here, intelligence agencies can use ideological affiliation or religion next to their classic tools of money and sex to recruit new agents.
I can t imagine strangers running for presidential elections only because of their ideological affiliation. In that farce, we can see Malaysian, Italian, Israeli, Iranian and Turkish nominate for the presidency of Egypt, while Egyptians are not allowed to run only because of their religion! In that imaginary country, spying for Iran, Saudi Arabia and Turkey is not act of treason, but jihad to be rewarded in heaven.