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  • Friday ,30 October 2020

France and the Arab schizophrenia

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,31 October 2020

France and the Arab schizophrenia

Terrorists keep attacking churches, Journalists and teachers in France and Arab countries still condemn the victim, not the doer or the values behind these attacks. 

Unfrotunatelly, Arab and Muslim countries keep feeding their peole with ideas to hate others who are different in belifs and culture and that results in such big indecent that kill innocent people who have different culture. 
If Muslims cant live in a place and cant bear to see people express their opinion freely, why dont they simply go back to their countries and keep living in the oppression they get used to.
Muslims keep insulting christians and killing them in their countries like what happens in Egypt and and most of musilm countries and when they go abroad they like to impose their beliefs and their culture on others as well.
Muslims need to learn how to live peacefully abroad and not try to impose their culture on others and if they couldnt do that, we expect to see a lot of clashes in the near future between Muslims and the whole world.