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  • Wednesday ,21 October 2020

Representative Hind Joseph

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Tuesday ,20 October 2020

Representative Hind Joseph

 For the first time, a woman from Qusiya and Assiut took the oath in the Senate. Hind Joseph reminds me that she is a great successor to Dr. Hikmat Abu Zeid from the same city. Hikmat was the first Minister of Social Affairs during the era of Gamal Abdel Nasser, therefore it is not surprising that Mrs. Hind was a political and social leader in Qusiya who broke the thorn of masculinity and backwardness since nearly a century ago.

Five years ago, I got to know Mrs. Hind Joseph Amin, who works hard but quietly. She was a young leader who had a great CV starting from Universtiy Student Union till her graduation form college Law, Assiut University, and its membership in student and youth unions, then political parties, up to the public relations secretary of the Nation Future Party. She established the Qusiya Cultural Salon five years ago that hosted a group of elite notables and intellectuals of al-Qusiya in various fields. Her success was supported by a great man, Mr. Rommel Seddik, whom I salute with their children, Hind and Hiti, whom are not less patriot than their mother.
Despite many challenges, Mrs. Hind Cultural Salon has not stopped and always held several events at the same time including the annual exhibition. The activity of Hind Joseph and the Public Relations Committee did not stop at exhibitions, but rather conducting blood donation campaigns and offered reduced medical loans in Sadfa, Manfalut and Dairout centers.
In 2016, Hind organized an exhibition in the Sports Club for Clothes and the revenue of the exhibition was donated for Oncology Hospital in Assiut, and in 2017, the cloths exhibition earnings were donated for the benefit of the blood bank preservation refrigerator in the Qusiya Hospital. Since 2018, Hind Joseph has been in charge of the Public Relations Committee of the Future of the Homeland Party in Assiut.
This is how Hind Joseph is working, effectively but quietly. She was able to collect several intellectuals in her Saloon and enrich the cultural life in her country for the benefit of her people.