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  • Monday ,15 June 2020

Refusing the advice

Magdy Malak

Article Of The Day


Monday ,15 June 2020

Refusing the advice
People tend to refuse any advice other people try to introduce to them and think they know everything, and they are adults enough to get advice from anyone. 
While Covid19 increases drastically in Egypt and the number of deaths and infected people increase every day, we see a lot of Egyptian not taking the disease seriously enough and they are still insisting in not practicing social distancing or be cautious to not group with families or friends. 
Egyptian needs to change their behaviors and listen carefully to the health ministry instructions, otherwise, Egypt will be worse than the US and Brazil right now in the number of the infected people. 
We understand that this is a tough time and Egyptian get used to going out and sitting in the coffee shop and enjoying their life, however, I don t think this is the right time to neglect this pandemic. 
In conclusion, I wish Egyptian government would impose instructions to prevent Egyptian from hurting each other. It should be a campaign from famous singers or actors and actresses to raise awareness among Egyptian.