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  • Monday ,11 May 2020

Shady Habash

Magdy Malak

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Sunday ,10 May 2020

Shady Habash

While we are all busy following up the news about Coronavirus and the number of infected people and the number of deaths every day, there are many things we read and pass on it although it expresses a big concern of how things are going in Egypt in terms of human rights situation.

Lately the young director “Shady Habash”, in the prison and Egypt s prosecutor-general said that young Egyptian filmmaker Shady Habash died in prison due to alcohol poisoning after he drank a sanitizing solution he thought was water as Al-Ahram news paper said.
Unfortunately, I have not read any article, or any comment form human rights organizations asking to investigate or condemn the death of Shady inside the prison.
I understand with the strong arm of the police right now a lot of people are scared and afraid to be in the prison because they criticize the regime or the police, however, human rights organization shouldn t be afraid to talk about this issue because in fact, the Job of these organizations is to defend human rights even if by criticizing the government and the regime.
In conclusion, again human rights organizations in Egypt disappointed Egyptian by defending the regime, not the people, and the only article I saw defending Shade against Sisi s regime is Dr. Alaa Al Aswani.