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  • Wednesday ,06 May 2020

The Church and epidemics

by Samia Ayad

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Wednesday ,06 May 2020

The Church and epidemics

 Throughout its history, the Church has played an important role in supporting the community in times of crisis and spreading hope among its people. This role was summarized in the bible as Jesus Christ said: You are the light of the world, You are the salt of the earth. This was translated by the church for more belonging and love to the homeland.

His Eminence Bishop Macarius of Minya in his article ‘The Church in the Times of Natural Disasters’, mentioned how monks lived together during epidemics. St. Bakhoumius who established the system of monks’ communion faced the epidemic of plague and moved from monastery to another to serve the sick people till he was infected and moved to the quarantine till he died.
The epidemics were not far from the clergy and the monks, but rather affected them and killed some of them. We have to learn from them how they served others and faced the disease, which had nothing to do with holiness. it should be known that people will receive judgment at the doomsday, not through illness and epidemics.