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  • Tuesday ,28 April 2020

Big mistakes with Corona

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Tuesday ,28 April 2020

Big mistakes with Corona

 I feel concerned that Many Egyptians are taking the pandemic easy not realizing it may not be under control for a long time. Will they turn the blessing of the controlled situation into a curse through poor perception and underestimating the seriousness of the situation and not adopting the cautionary measures set by the government and local authorities!

The government has proved it is able to manage the crisis with remarkable vigilance and unprecedented control, but the citizens are still playing catch me if you can game with the government. WHO representative Jean Jabbour recently explained the low number of coronavirus cases in Egypt in comparison with the huge numbers in Europe, US and South East Asia. Mr Jabbour’s said that the situation in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa reflected the level of acquired immunity of the people of these countries. This immunity, he said, was high because it was acquired in response to low levels of hygiene and healthcare, and high rates of pollution. In countries with better healthcare and hygiene conditions, Mr Jabbour said, the acquired immunity is not that high. The declined hygienic conditions, he explained, boosted the ability of people to fight infection far higher than that of populations of well developed countries. However, Mr Jabbour warned, it was not right to rely on this fact and overlook strict cautionary measures, because if the virus overtook the acquired immunity, it would spread like wildfire, almost unstoppable.
I see several wrong deeds and bad attitudes like ignoring social distancing rules, rushing to buy food more than need, rejecting to comply with the necessary preventive measures of quarantine by some Egyptians returning back home. Sadly, they claimed that the conditions of their quarantine and the services provided to them were substandard, claims that were proved false. 
Another unacceptable behavior was the unreasonable reckless rush by some Egyptians who thought that the suspension of schools and universities and businesses that was an invitation for outings, partying and gatherings in gardens, beaches and touristic resorts. Others insisted on breaking the curfew hours set by the government. Shame on those who commit such acts not realizing that they may lead to a catastrophe.