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  • Friday ,24 April 2020

Thoughts on the feast

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Friday ,24 April 2020

Thoughts on the feast

 Copts have celebrated the feast of the glorious Resurrection amidst churches closure due to the Corona virus. Coptic people suffered during the Holy Week and suffered also from social distancing and curfew.

Women were indeed suffering the most since they are not able to visit the closed beauty centers and were not able to put on their pretty new clothes of the feast.
These measures were taken to face the invisible virus in a war that is led by scientists and doctors, and not supported by many people who don t follow the rules and decisions to prevent the spread of the virus, and participate actively in risking the lives of everybody.
In all cases the pandemic increased the doctor s value, and hopefully the scientists as well. I wish everybody many happy returns and safety and speedy recovery for the whole world