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  • Thursday ,09 April 2020

Visit Egypt from home

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Thursday ,09 April 2020

Visit Egypt from home

 Visit Egypt from home is a slogan raised by the Ministry of Tourism in its campaign to organize virtual visits to archaeological sites with a 360-degree photography online technique. This comes under the precautionary measures taken due to the spread of the Corona virus in many countries of the world. 

The Ministry started this project in cooperation with foreign archaeological institutes, as it began displaying the Menes Cemetery, one of the nobles  tombs in the Western mainland in Luxor, which dates back to the eighteenth family in cooperation with the American Research Center. 
Officials of the American Research Center showed on their official page the scenes of the cemetery in Luxor accompanied by the comment: A pleasant visit to this beautiful cemetery, and wait for more archeological sites every two weeks until the end of the summer season. 
The online tour offers an explanation in English for all the details of the cemetery that kept its colors over thousands of years. This technology allows the visitors to get closer to details of the cemetery. The ministry confirmed that this step came to promote Egypt in all countries of the world where this idea will develop in displaying some of the archaeological places during the coming period. A greeting to the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and to everyone who contributed to the work of this initiative.