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  • Thursday ,02 April 2020

The Great Trick Promoted by the Media

by Abdel Moneim Badawi

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Thursday ,02 April 2020

The Great Trick Promoted by the Media

 We experience today a great trick promoted by the media, which is called the Coronavirus. We have experienced similar tricks like swine flu and Ebola virus.

It happened that a friend of mine passed away, after suffering from Cancer. His funeral was held in a popular neighborhood called Bassatin, where the people are having a normal life without extra cleaning or sanitizing procedures and non of them put on a mask. Yet, they have suffered nothing and non of them was reported positive!
In few days, the world will announce the end of the epidemic and that the crisis is over. I know the crisis is only caused by illusion where a person is under the illusion of a high temperature, or shortness of breath, which are the symptoms promoted by the media. This is our real virus that exaggerate the problems.