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  • Tuesday ,31 March 2020

Easter celebration under Coronavirus

by Ashraf Helmy

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Tuesday ,31 March 2020

Easter celebration under Coronavirus

 The peoples of the world are now living in a climate full of anxiety and fear of infection with the Coronavirus amid strict precautionary measures taken by the governments all over the world as a result of this deadly epidemic. All institutions were affected, including churches and monasteries of various denominations. The people were deprived from participating in prayers and Sunday Schools, and they were only allowed to watch them online. Christian televisions are broadcasting several programs and are doing a great service at this difficult time.

People are praying to God to save them from this pandemic, especially as we approach the celebration of resurrection. Yet, the procedures may be prolonged, and the strict procedures may continue. This means that the people will be deprived from attending the Holy Liturgy inside the Church.
At such hard times, most countries of the world cooperated and leave the differences aside, even problems and wars and unite to care for humanity and to support one another.
I know that Christian Channels broadcast the prayers, but there are different timing, which means each country has different celebration. I hope that all the peoples unite and broadcast each liturgy from different country on time starting with New Zealand, Southeast Asia, Europe And east of the United States of America, Canada and Australia, the Gulf states, Egypt and the south and west of the United States. This will allow everybody to follow-up services inside the church as full as possible even if they are not allowed to attend church due to Coronavirus.