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  • Monday ,09 March 2020

It’s time for cooperation

Magdy Malak

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Sunday ,08 March 2020

It’s time for cooperation

With Coronavirus spreading everywhere as an invisible enemy, all countries has to co-operate in their best interest to find a solution to this disease who killed thousands and is expecting to kill more in the coming days.

When I see and read the news, I see some accusations here and there about who caused the virus to spread, especially between US and China and I don’t think this is the right time to spread the accusations.
On the contrary, I believe this is the right time to shed our differences and our disputes and all become united against this invisible enemy who could hurt the most valuable thing on the earth who is the human.
The US, China and Iran must forget their disputes and must work together to see how the world can be saved from this epidemic. I see attacking each other by words or by weapons should stop for now and may be forever.
Good leader is a good example. The US, China have to be an example of how big countries should act in difficult times, not to show their disputes and attack each other while the world should be busy by finding a medicine for this disease.
In conclusion, it’s the time to co-operate not to battle.