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  • Monday ,02 March 2020

The prince of hearts

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Monday ,02 March 2020

The prince of hearts

Recently another Sheikh released one of the ugliest statements trying to harass one of the purest people who devoted his life to cure children and establish centers in Egypt to cure people who have heart problems.

I will not mention the person s name because he doesn t worth my time to waste in writing about him, but I will mention who he meant in his statement and as all knew that he meant Professor DR. Magdy Yacoob.

That person tried to distract people from what Dr. Magdy Yacoob is doing to pay attention to himself because he is a failure, and no one remembers who he is and even what he is doing.

It is only enough to mention the name of Dr. Magdy Yacoob in any country and you will see how he is famous and recognized in almost the whole world.

People like this sheikh likes to destroy anything good because he is simply envying his work and good doing and because he can t do as much as Dr. Magdy yacoob did.

One thing I will praise here for the first time that for the first time, I see the country and the people in charge defend Dr. Magdy Yacoob and punish that person who talked badly about Dr. Yacoob.