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  • Tuesday ,18 February 2020

Do not stop singing

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Tuesday ,18 February 2020

Do not stop singing

Many people in Egypt attacked the Singer Hassan Shakoush and his song, just like they should attack all negative scenes and attitudes in our streets. They should have strongly rejected sexual abuse of young girls, raping children by religious scholars, kidnapping children and trading their organs, extremism that invaded the minds and souls of our youth, corruption and bribery, drug and antiquities smuggling and high rates of divorce. These are samples of what should have been strongly rejected by our community.

I don t blame Mr. Shakoush for his low taste in music since his only crime now is singing! He expressed his feelings and invited others to be happy among many reasons to be sad. In fact, people liked their songs and enjoyed it.

I remember here the initiative taken by Maestro Selim Sahab who made a great music band of homeless people. I invite those who attacked Shakoush to listed to the words of his song and think what would they do if a super star had presented this song instead of Mr. Shakoush. I know they would have enjoyed this song, but they prefer to attack even before they think.