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  • Monday ,17 February 2020

Fencing in Egypt

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Friday ,14 February 2020

Fencing in Egypt

 Egyptians have made several achievements in fencing and many of them won international competitions. In that account, we may hear about champions like Adham Moataz, the European gold medal for the fencing for young men, and Medhat Moataz, owner of the world bronze medal for the fencing.

Now, there is a new generation of Egyptians who is not satisfied with achieving local titles, but works hard to win international competitions and the sky has become their limit. 
Fencing was the first Olympic game for the Egyptians to participate in when Ahmed Hassanein Pasha traveled to participate in the Stockholm Games in 1912. Yet, they waited exactly one hundred years before winning the first Olympic medal when Alaa Abu Al-Qasim won the London Games in 2012. 
I see a bright future for that game in Egypt with young competitive people seeking glory and working hard to raise the flag of their country.  Greetings to the Egyptian fencing heroes and those responsible for reviving the sport in Egypt.