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  • Thursday ,10 October 2019

Mondia enhances its presence with the opening of a new tech hub in Cairo




Thursday ,10 October 2019

Mondia enhances its presence with the opening of a new tech hub in Cairo
Mondia, a leading private mobile technology company, announced the opening of their new tech hub in Cairo. The newly created facility will host the company s technical developers and designers, creating state of the art technologies, innovative products and solutions servicing various markets across Europe, Middle East and Africa.
The modern first-of-its-kind facility in New Cairo will set a new standard in the software industry and will be home to more than one hundred technical team members. The office design will allow for a team to function in  squads  a proven working concept, aiding extensive collaboration and promoting communication which in turn drive innovation. The premises will include creative space such as a  gamers cave , focus rooms, playful seating areas and a café type street kitchen.
Attracting the greatest minds in the software world is synonomous with Mondia s strategy and strong partnerships with tertiary institutions is the key driving force to future talent. The tech hub will provide learning facilities for internships and additional skill development.
“It is key for us at Mondia to deliver to market demands and identify trends to advise customers on solutions that are not only innovative but also provide a world-class digital experience. Our investment in Egypt and our tech hub allows us to develop with speed and quality that can be scaled, which far outweighs the outsourcing model”, said Dr. Amadeo Rahmann, CEO of the Mondia Group. “We want to create a unique space for our team to have the best in industry facility as we expand our ability in delivery across the globe”, he added.