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  • Monday ,15 July 2019

Women in Germany

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Friday ,12 July 2019

Women in Germany

Germany is the fourth largest economy in the world, but such rank was only achieved after rebuilding the country torn by wars and divisions. Such development was achieved during the past few decades, during which the culture has changed.

German women in the past used to take the responsibility of the so-called  four Ks  in the German language: Kinder (children), Kirche (church), Küche (kitchen), and Kleider (clothes). They were not allowed to vote and basically had no rights or roles other than breeding children. By the end of World War II, German women was assigned new roles by taking care of the wounded and burying the dead. They participated in the hard task of rebuilding war-torn Germany by simply clearing away the rubble and ruins of war.
Today, the role of German women has increased in all aspects of life and the head of government of Germany is occupied by a woman as well as many leading positions in the country. In short, women have always been great power addition in development of a nation. She is one key factor in Germany and will be one great factor in developing Egypt as well.