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  • Tuesday ,04 June 2019

The bright face of humanity and citizenship

By-Jacqueline Gerges

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Tuesday ,04 June 2019

The bright face of humanity and citizenship

Makram Ebid Pasha once prayed saying: May God make us Muslims and Christians share love of this country. His statement simplifies the concept of citizenship and belonging to the homeland. We may argue and disagree in opinion, but the ultimate goal remains building humans who share love and respect one another.

Humans have lost such good deeds and feelings as wars spread all over the world. Such poor migrating people can’t find others to help them and give them what they need. People are looking forward to finding new homeland that they can live in peace and find their basic needs without facing discrimination.
Thus, we have to show respect for some organizations working in that field like Resala, Aytam Bent Misr, Sawiris foundation..etc. But, more importantly we need to extend a helping hand to the needy and restore our humanity back.
St. Teresa was a good example of humanity since she helped the needy and received the Noble Prize in return for spreading love and peace among the sad and the needy. She built hundred of houses and showed love to the sick and the poor. She died in 1996 offering a great example of giving and love. Mama Maggie from Egypt is another good example for mercy and helping the disadvantaged children and gave them hope and new lives.
Those are the bright face of the Humanity and citizenship and true application of religions. They are the real hope makers who made a real difference in the lives of the needy and realized the true value of man.