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  • Thursday ,30 May 2019

Do not touch me

By-Samia Ayad

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Thursday ,30 May 2019

Do not touch me

Do not touch me ... but go.  The Lord Jesus told Mary Magdalene when she met Him after the resurrection and called on her. She was the first preacher of the resurrection of Lord Jesus.

Bishop Pakhomius, Bishop of the Beheira, Matrouh and North Africa, in his article  Do not touch me  explained to us the meaning of the words of the Lord Jesus to Mary Magdalene, who was the first to receive the good news of the resurrection. He reminded her of His words that he will rise from the dead and wanted to show her his Divine nature. At that time, the Virgin Mary didn t go to the tomb believing her Son is mightier than death.
Secondly, the Lord wanted to proclaim to Magdalene the joyous exhortation of the Resurrection and announce for the first time the secret of his ascension to heaven and she had plenty of time to talk to him. He entrusted her with the message of evangelization with the salvation of the Lord. He also wanted to kindly blame her for forgetting his words. 
God wants us to keep His words, which He has commanded in the Bible. Therefore, he invites us to believe in His resurrection and be His witnesses in the midst of the world. We trust that Jesus is the God who willingly suffered and was crucified to save us from eternal perdition.