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  • Wednesday ,22 May 2019

Something wrong in Minya

By-Jamal Rushdie

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Wednesday ,22 May 2019

Something wrong in Minya
The Egyptian Church is part of the Egyptian civilization. Its founder, St. Mark, was one of the Apostle assigned by Jesus Christ. He founded the ancient, strong, national and spiritual church. 
The late Pope Shenouda was wise and intellectual that he was called teacher of the generations. He was great man that represented the great Coptic Church.
Here, I declare that I was sad to listen to the speech of Pope Tawadros II from Germany where he said that Christians in the 27 Egyptian governorates live in peace, except Minya. There is something wrong in it. The Copts understood that Bishop Makarious is that wrong.  
In this article, I would like to tell the Pope a little about Minya. In 1981, Khalid Islambolly, murderer of Sadat, was leading and teaching many others in Minya, especially in Abu Helal neighborhood where police can t break into. Copts in Minya were praying Lord Have Mercy. Christians were intimidated and cursed at the time Pope Shenouda was under house arrest at the monastery, but his prayers penetrated the walls of his cell to the heaven.
At that time, Assem Abdul Majid was ordering the terrorists to set houses of Copts on fire. The wrong in Minya is the terrorist ideology that fought against the state in the ninetieth.
Before the ordination of Bishop Makarious in 2004, the state decided to punish the governorate and eliminated all development projects, which increased the problem and spread the terrorists under retardation, hunger, unemployment and poverty. This was the wrong for years in Minya, which spread terrorist ideology that target Christians as a result. 
In 2004, Bishop Makarious came to face such retardation and extremism with power and courage. He indeed represented the great church with its civilization, culture, tolerance, love and power. He had to lead poor people in prayers in the open since there is no church for them. He had to pray on the ashes of burned churches and did good things for the needy and strengthen the faith of his children. 
Bishop Makarious has become a Coptic icon for the Copts and the Egyptian intellectuals. I believe the speech of HH Pope Tawadros was not wise enough since your holiness is father for all Coptic Christians.