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  • Tuesday ,07 May 2019

Egyptian Copts and Muslims in Ramadan

By-Abdel Moneim Badawi

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Tuesday ,07 May 2019

Egyptian Copts and Muslims in Ramadan

I finished reading a book about the Coptic cuisine of the writer Charles Aql, featuring the Coptic cuisine in a fun and light style. 

The author begins with the famous and most popular Egyptian meal, beans or foul, and reveals to us that there are 120 different ways of preparing beans. He also talks about two types of pancakes, the first type, "pie of angel", which is vegetarian pie prepared in the Virgin monthly feast. He also talks about Fayesh, which is a more complicated pie that may take several days to prepare.
The writer also talks about the sea food, which is very important in the Coptic culture since it refers to the Immaculate Conception. Here we should mention the increasing prices of fish in Egypt despite the fish farms announced by the government. The president said that the Egyptians have to boycott the goods that are rising in prices, but does he know about the World Bank s report that 60% of the Egyptian people are below the poverty line! Welcome to the holy month of Ramadan and many happy returns.