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  • Thursday ,25 April 2019

The bright image of Hamada Yassin

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Thursday ,25 April 2019

The bright image of Hamada Yassin

Hamada Yassin is a university student at the Faculty of Arts, Beni Suef University. He was born blind and since he was very young, he started working to provide for his family. He had a computer at his home, but he couldn  t afford its maintenance. Thus, he learned simple programming and understand the basics of Windows, and learned how to install windows and fix computers.

Hamada worked in a small shop for the maintenance of electronic devices in his small village, but he was not treated well by the owner and had to leave the work.
At the university, he took several course in the field of electric devices maintenance, and soon the university of Beni Suef hired him to operate the blind students   lab. He was honored by Dr. Mansour Hassan, president of Beni Suef university. Greetings to Hamada and to all those who helped him and honored him.