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  • Tuesday ,23 April 2019

In the memory of the martyrs

By-Ayman Mounir

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Tuesday ,23 April 2019

In the memory of the martyrs

Too much talking about national unity and love and tolerance among the Egyptians after the terrorist attack on St. Peter Church in Abbassia. Yet, I can  t describe those said to be humans, but indeed they are not since they spread hatred and extremism that even Islam rejects.

Koran has given good recommendation and description for the Christians, but  Salafist and Wahhabi thought severely attacks them, and now we have opened the Rafah crossing to receive more of those extremists.
Police has to do their best to prevent such violence against the Copts, or we can accuse them of complicity or ignorance that bring shame on them.
There was no decent reactions to the attacks on St. Peter Church in Abbassia, except for some useless statements by the officials. Europe is working hard to prevent further terrorist attacks on its land, but we are opening the borders that will bring more terrorists in our land!
It is sad to see our police too shallow facing the terrorists who seek paradise through the blood of the Christians. This is too stupid indeed!