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  • Monday ,15 April 2019

Arab leaders fall like the leaves

Magdy Malak

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Monday ,15 April 2019

Arab leaders fall like the leaves

Finally, the Sudanne s President Omar al-Bashir forced to step down by his army. This scene looks exactly like the scene happened in Egypt 6 years ago. Army step down a president and forced anther one step down. 

I have just was reading a book about why some countries are rich and some other are poor, although both of them could have the same potential. The book was explaining that land, labor and natural resources are main factors for production if used rationally.
The book gave an example to Japan as a country has small land and not much of natural resources, however, they could be a rich country and standard of living is high in Japan. On contrary, a country like venezuela has a lot of natural resources, however, most of people live in poverty. 
Sudan is on of these countries that has a lot of natural resources, but its people live in poverty since long time ago. 
In fact, being rich or poor has nothing to do with how much do you have but how do you use what you have, the book stated that political freedom is main factor for prosperity but the Arab leader still believe in the opposite.