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  • Friday ,29 March 2019

Late decisions

Magdy Malak

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Friday ,29 March 2019

Late decisions

If you ever felt there was a decision should be made long time ago and who should make it didn  t make it , it means with no doubts that its not taken because it didn  t help in a certain way. 

Egypt went through very tough economic decision in the last 5 years and president Sisi keep telling Egyptian I can  t increase your salaries because he claimed that he doesn  t enough budget to increase salaries. 

Suddenly on March 29th, Sisi decided to increase all salaries for all governmental employee and he still didn  t explain to us from he could find a budget for this increase suddenly especially with the amendments in the constitution that the parliament discuss for now. 

In conclusion, No doubt that every citizen needs this increase especially that inflation in Egypt reached its highest rates in decades, however, presidents of Egypt always just give when they need something.