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  • Thursday ,28 March 2019

Lest it be the beginning

By-Majid Sous

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Thursday ,28 March 2019

Lest it be the beginning
The tragic accident that killed nearly fifty people in New Zealand is a humanitarian disaster by all means. Nobody can accept it, especially Christians, since such attack can only be driven by evil. 
The assailant being a Muslim who belong to ISIS in Turkey, or a racist atheist who declared his faith in the 73 pages published on his account on Facebook, can t belong to Christianity. If Muslims declare that ISIS don t represent Islam, how can a man who doesn t belong to Christianity represent it.
I was astonished by the sadness of Coptic Christians after the attack and their prayers for the victims and their families. This reflects their faith in Jesus Christ and their pain of terrorism over the years.
The other side of the story should be an alarm before the Western communities that welcomed many people from all over the world ignoring its original inhabitants and threaten their lives and culture.
Let me explain what I mean by taking West London as an example. Many terrorists  live there and their photos carrying beheaded heads and weapons are no secret. We can find John the Jihadist, Abdul Majid Abdul Bari, Belal Bergawy, Amr Mahmoud Othman, known as Abu Qatada. The first British woman to be convicted in terrorism came from Western London as well. Tell me what you think if you live in London and hear about this area in Western London where the Islamic Emirate organization led by Anjam Choudhary called to apply the Islamic Sharia. The organization spread posters and leaflets declaring that the area is ruled by Islamic Sharia and prohibit a list of items including music and alcohol!
Such acts cause extremism on both sides, and the original inhabitants of these countries wouldn t be happy about them. Such acts incite bad feelings towards Islam that we may call Islamophobia.  They have fought for their freedom and culture many centuries ago and they can fight again for it!
The solution can lie in amending the constitutions of the Western Countries to give its governments the rights to withdraw the nationality of anyone who works to change the identity of society and everything that violates the principles of democracy. We pray that New Zealand will not be the beginning of new evil plans all over the world.