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  • Wednesday ,20 March 2019

Condemnation of New Zealand terrorist attack

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Wednesday ,20 March 2019

Condemnation of New Zealand terrorist attack

New Zealand is one of the countries that have not experienced terrorist incidents since its foundation in 1907. It knows nothing a bout terrorism, anti-terrorism law, mass killing, laws that incite religious hatred and racism, and has never been  afraid of Islamophobia, as the United Nations and the Islamic countries claimed.  

It rather allowed Muslims to establish mosques in its city, the Church of Christ. Moreover, it protected them and granted them asylum to save them from being  persecuted in their countries.
Members of the Security Council condemned the horrific and cowardly terrorist attack on the mosques of New Zealand on March 15th, 2019, during which 49 people were killed and dozens were injured.
Members of the Security Council, headed by France at the current session, added in a statement that all countries have to combat by all means and in conformity with the Charter of the United Nations the threats to international peace and security.
This was the pretext for establishing military alliances from countries and contracting them with armed groups established by states, just as Saudi Arabia and its alliances have made up the Islamic Army for the war on terror in Yemen.
You have established the organization of the Islamic State in Iraq and al-Qaeda before it, which produced more than 11 terrorist organizations. The number of terrorist organizations established by Islamic countries and UN member states is much higher than that of countries Members of the United Nations. Shame on you to issue such statements since your motive of condemnation is the special benefit for the members of the Security Council.