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  • Friday ,08 February 2019

The Constitution again

Magdy Malak

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Sunday ,10 February 2019

The Constitution again

Again Egyptian and the political regime in Egypt don t want to learn from his past mistakes and lately member of the parliament suggested many amendments to the constitution.

These amendments mainly targeting increasing how many times the president can run for the election, thus, president Sisi can be in the power for longer time.  
Unfortunately, most of the intellectual and elite of the society can t utter a word or objecting what s going to happen otherwise they will face what the Egyptian director “Khaled Youssef” faced by provoking him with sexual videos.
I believe that Egypt will pay great price if that happened not because president sisi didn t improve Egypt situation or not because he doesn t deserve to extend his time in power but because that will lead at the end to create a dictatorship and we all have experienced this in the Egyptian history.
In conclusion, I want to assure that we are close to a danger time by amending the constitution and unfortunately, we don t have a voice can say “No”