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  • Tuesday ,05 February 2019

Constitutional amendments

By-Abdel Moneim Badawi

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Tuesday ,05 February 2019

Constitutional amendments

I Write this article to discuss what I am trying to understand, not to evaluate or criticize. It may look useless as a friend told me since our leaders prefer stubbornness, tyranny and even murdering!

The situation is totally nonsense as wisdom is hated and giving advice is a crime that is not forgiven. We have tried to amend the constitutions before, and what was the result? Sadat opened the duration of presidential period to be unlimited instead of just two. Yet, he was murdered before his initial period was over. 
President Hosni Mubarak decided to amend articles 71 and 72 of the Constitution so that the conditions of the candidate for president would apply only to one person from the Egyptian people and this person is his son Jamal. Yet, the Egyptian people demonstrated against them and the whole constitution was annulled. 
In the advanced democratic countries, the constitution and the law are respected and the rulers are changed after certain period without fearing sedition or bloodshed or having fear of the collapse of the regime. They demonstrate peacefully to demand their rights and use vote instead of the bullets to achieve their demands