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  • Thursday ,31 January 2019

Egyptian Prosecution orders 25 defendants to be held over terrorism charges


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Thursday ,31 January 2019

Egyptian Prosecution orders 25 defendants to be held over terrorism charges

Egypt s Public Prosecution ordered on Wednesday 25 defendants to be held of 15 days pending investigations into terrorism-linked charges.

The defendants are accused of plotting violence acts in January and February and joining an outlawed group with the aim of preventing State institutions from fulfilling their duties.
The Ministry of Interior announced earlier the arrest of the defendants, who have links with several Muslim Brotherhood leaders abroad to orchestrate for spreading chaos and terrorizing citizens with the aim of disrupting peace and public order and harming the national security. 
The Egyptian Ministry of Interior said on Tuesday that police forces have arrested 54 members of the terrorist-designated Muslim Brotherhood group for plotting attacks in Egypt in coordination with the Brotherhood s leadership abroad.
The ministry said that intelligence revealed that the leaders of the outlawed group abroad were plotting to sow chaos in the country in January and February to coincide with the anniversary of the 25 January revolution.
The suspects plotted to sabotage public roads and terrorise citizens, according to the ministry.
The MB leadership abroad formed a group on the internet which included members of the Muslin Brotherhood and anti-state elements inside the country under the name "O Allah, Revolution," holding a number of meetings abroad to plan the execution of their terrorist plot, the statement added.
The ministry said that the suspects were found in possession of cash and materials used in riots to block roads and set fires.
The ministry said that it is working to identify and arrest the remaining members of the group, which is led by Yasser El-Omda, a fugitive Brotherhood leader currently residing in Turkey.