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  • Tuesday ,29 January 2019

Al-Arish cleared of terrorists

By-Hani Sabri Labib

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Tuesday ,29 January 2019

Al-Arish cleared of terrorists
One of the Copts of El-Arish called Adib Nakhla Yassa was kidnapped while returning home in Al-Arish to work thinking the situation is better now. The bus that he was riding was stopped by the terrorists who put on military uniform and searched the identification cards seeking Police, army or Christians. The man declared he is Christian and was kidnapped by the terrorists who might kill him to show their presence in Arish to the world.
Our armed forces are waging war against the terrorists and kill many of them in a  comprehensive operation since those terrorists target innocent people in order to say that the Egyptian government is not able to protect its citizens. 
The terrorists are committing crimes against humanity and try to implement them against the Egyptians and their stability.
Everyone should be aware that the brutal terrorism in all these unfortunate and repeated and sinful events is aimed primarily at the Egyptian state and targets security and stability of the homeland. The evil powers aim to destroy the Egyptian state and the unity of the Egyptians.
Such terrorist crimes should be faced firmly and those terrorists should be punished. Copts of Arish should return to their hometown safely and Sinai should be cleared of terrorism.
Egypt will always be powerful and hard to be invaded by terrorism. The Egyptian people will always be united against all attempts to spread chaos and destruction.